11 Oct 2016 Donald Trump's characterization of his taped comments about women as "locker room talk" has raised the ire of some athletes, while others say 


Deras egna upplevelser gav dem idén, av Donald Trump fick de namnet. Locker Room Talk är ett prisat företag startat av två unga killar som 

Locker room talk: Jim Brown met with Trump because 'I'm interested in helping my people'. The power and status of today's athletes can change social activism  10 Oct 2016 Donald Trump's campaign manager Kellyanne Conway says Trump bringing up former President Bill Clinton's past with women has nothing to  12 Oct 2016 This cartoon slideshow illustrates the fallout from recently released tapes where Donald Trump bragged about sexual assault on women and  10 Oct 2016 Hillary Clinton doesn't think much of Donald Trump's assertion that his lewd boasts about groping women was just "locker room talk." 12 Oct 2016 Donald Trump's "locker room banter" (as he calls it) has backfired on the Republican presidential candidate. After dismissing the comments  21 Oct 2016 The power of words: Why Trump's 'locker room banter' sounds familiar to Indian women. From speeches in Parliament to comedy nights on  24 Oct 2016 Laurie Roberts recently wrote a column questioning Donald Trump's character for his locker room comments. In judging Trump, she also  9 Oct 2016 that he is unfit to be president, … Continue reading “When Clinton unloads on Trump over “locker room” talk, he dodges and then attacks Bill” 10 Oct 2016 In the presidential debate Sunday night, Republican candidate Trump dismissed as "locker room talk" his recently leaked 2005 comments in  7 Oct 2016 Donald Trump is under fire for lewd comments he made about women 11 years ago. The Republican has presidential candidate issued a rare  21 Jan 2017 OPINION: Blokes like Donald Trump, who talk like that, have no place in real locker-rooms. 10 Oct 2016 Nancy O'Dell Addresses Trump Tape on ET: 'Locker Room' Talk Is No Excuse.

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You can do anything,” Trump says before delivering a now infamously vulgar line: “Grab them by the p---y. Donald Trump defends lewd remarks caught on video as ‘locker room talk’ Donald Trump dismisses the ‘Access Hollywood’ video as 'locker room talk.’ 2016-10-11 · Donald Trump and his surrogates have been trying to dismiss the leaked tape that turned his campaign upside-down as being just “locker room talk.” He did so in a written statement immediately Trump apologizes for 'locker room banter' Oct. 7, 2016 08:57 Not too long ago another case made the headlines when a sexual assault of a young teenage girl was filmed and streamed on social media Locker-room talk, as you can tell by the way Billy Bush and the rest of the gang whoop and guffaw at Trump’s tales of tail, isn’t just about being funny. It’s about bonding with the boys. Cameron explains: Like the sharing of secrets, the sharing of transgressive desires, acts and words is a token of intimacy and trust. Trump-Biden debate: A locker room brawl in the midst of COVID-19 crisis October 6, 2020 10.44am EDT. Michael Kehler, University of Calgary.

Donald Trump’s Locker Room This is how he talks about the rest of America when he’s with his buddies. By William Saletan. Dec 02, 2016 4:49 PM.

Trump inte rädd för att bli avsatt · Svesken Inge Thulin, tidigare vd för 3M och rådgivare åt Donald Trump, säger i. Svensken som var Trumps  Han hade objektifierat kvinnor och gjort sig skyldig till det som Trump benämner som ”locker room talk”.

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De kommer med sin föreläsning Locker room talk, Tack Donald Trump. – De kommer att prata om sitt projekt och vilka effekter det har gett, 

After the tape was released, Trump dismissed the comments as “locker room banter” and went on to win the presidency, while Bush ended up getting fired from his Today co-hosting gig. Setting aside the fact that he sounds insane, let’s talk about, well, locker room talk. Trump used those three words three separate times as a justifier for the offensive comments he made in 2005. It’s a cheap excuse that almost says more about his character than the comment itself. “This was locker-room banter, a private conversation that took place many years ago. Bill Clinton has said far worse to me on the golf course — not even close,” Trump said in a statement Trump’s primary defense has rested on the metaphor of the “locker room,” a phrase the candidate and his surrogates have repeated so monotonously that some of them have actually come to Trump’s fantasy of a locker room is contradicted and proved ridiculous the minute you actually step into a real one. There are a range of characters and voices in that all-male haven.

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He then pivoted to killing terrorists. “It’s locker room talk and it’s one of those things. Calling a description of sexual assault "locker room talk" is seemingly Trump’s way of downplaying the gravity of his remarks, brushing it off like it’s no big deal: It was just a joke! I didn’t The locker rooms that Donald Trump is in are not at the cut-rate gym with the broken treadmills, they are at his swish golf clubs. They are places of stature.

Soshi SushiFunny Kpop · gerretharty | VSCO | Haha Roligt, Roliga Bilder, Donald Trump, Skämt, Roliga. https://eu.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2021/03/30/donald-trump- https://www.theverge.com/2021/3/30/22356993/spotify-locker-room-  Comments Off on Rape Culture: Donald Trump's locker room scandal did us a favour. Sadly, Trump is a very true reflection of the type of man that is living and  Thor: Har det varit, som Donald Trump skulle säga, mycket ”locker room talk” i omklädningsrummen under dina år med träningen? Alltså grabbigt och sexistiskt,  Trump first called it locker room banter on Friday evening.
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2016-10-11 · Your “locker room talk” told that man on my flight he could threaten to drug me while I was physically trapped by him, and expect it to be treated like a joke. You told me my safety, my trauma

I didn’t The locker rooms that Donald Trump is in are not at the cut-rate gym with the broken treadmills, they are at his swish golf clubs. They are places of stature. Using the term “locker room talk” On Friday, Trump chalked up his lewd language to simple “locker-room banter,” and despite public discourse over the weekend discussing how his brags described sexual assault, Trump again brushed Former NBA star Grant Hill wrote, “I’ve been in a lot of locker rooms, and what Trump said is not locker room banter.” Cleveland Cavaliers guard Dahntay Jones wrote, “Claiming Trump’s comments are What Trump is saying by invoking the phrase “locker room” over and over again is that when guys are in the showers and whirlpools, sitting around naked except for damp towels over their nether Video of Donald Trump making crude references to women during a "Hollywood Access" outtake has surfaced. Trump defended the language as "locker room banter.'' When Hillary Clinton brought it up during the October 9th debate, Trump said it was “locker room talk.” Read on to know about the video. During the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have sought to expose the skeletons in each other’s closets, like tax evasion and affairs. Numerous professional athletes and coaches rejected Trump's claim that what he said on the tape was "locker room talk", saying that such comments were not normal or acceptable.